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Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls (Ghost Hunter Mysteries, No. 5) by Victoria Laurie

2 out of 5 stars.

Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls is the 5th installment of the Ghost Hunter Mystery series.

For the next episode in their reality show “Ghoul Getters”, M.J. and her crew travel to Ireland to visit a haunted castle. The castle is on a secluded island and at times, it cannot be accessed. Once there, it may be awhile before you can leave.  M.J. has had plenty of experience with ghosts, but she is knocked off her feet by a powerful phantom, who is guarding some hidden gold. Some people who have encountered this phantom have died, and M.J. isn’t willing to risk her life and would be more than happy to leave once they can actually get off the island, but there is a problem…..her producer, Peter “Gopher” Gophner has gone missing and MJ is afraid the Phantom has taken him. M.J. and her partner Heath have to stop the phantom and rescue Gopher before it’s too late.

I was really not happy with the last book in this series so I was really hoping that this one would be better as I really like Victoria Laurie’s books. Unfortunately this one is even worse than the last. I found myself having a really hard time even finishing it and had to force myself to get to the end. The whole “Scooby Doo” feel of it was disappointing. Gilley’s whining was worse in this one…which I didn’t think was possible. I do not care for the MJ/Heath romance either. I don’t feel the connection between them. It seems to me the emotions leading to their “attraction” just kind of pops up as a second thought. Its not something that is woven throughout the entire book. There’s no real build up. The only thing they seem to have in common is their gifts and Heath’s grandfather. Unfortunately when it comes to Heath’s psychic abilities, he is pretty much useless. There is nothing that he can do that MJ can’t. I also don’t understand why his grandfather is MJ’s spirit guide. As for MJ, she has gotten to be so annoying for me that I can’t stand her as a main character anymore. She once came off as a very independent and strong woman…now she is just an arrogant know it all. Her over use of the word spook grates on my nerves more and more. This book was so cartoonish it really should be in the childrens section (minus the really lame sex scene..if you can call it that). I think I may take a much needed break from this series and concentrate on some other books for awhile.


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