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Trick or Treat: A Corinna Chapman Mystery (Corinna Chapman Mysteries) by Kerry Greenwood

1 out of 5 stars.

When a new bakery opens its doors just down the street from Earthly Delights and people flock to purchase their bread, Corinna Chapman is understandably nervous. Her sales start falling. On top of that, her boyfriend, Daniel, has a houseguest….his old friend Georgiana Hope, who turns out to be tall, blonde, gorgeous and up to something. Suddenly, Daniel is making excuses and Corinna is worried about his absences. Also there is a strange outbreak of madness which seems to be centred on Lonsdale Street. What exactly is going on and will Corinna end up losing her business and her boyfriend?

I read some other reviews before I started this book as I bought it at a library book sale for 25 cents and I didn’t have any prior knowledge of the series. I think I may have paid too much. I double checked the title to make sure I was, in fact, reading the same book as the other reviewers. Maybe it’s because I haven’t read anything else in this series, but this book was terrible. It was choppy, sloppy, and had more ramblings and commas in it than I have ever seen in a book before. It was also painfully boring and took forever to actually get to the real mystery part. The characters were mostly annoying and not especially likeable. It has a pagan theme to it and I had hoped, that being a pagan myself, the spiritual part of the story would at least keep me interested. It didn’t. I’m actually surprised I was able to finish it. I forced myself in hopes that somewhere along the way it would get better. By the end, I was still waiting.


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