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The Latent Psychic: A Tarot Card Mystery (A Tarot Card Mystery #1) by Ashley Carrillo


I rated this book 3 out of 5 stars.

Tasha Costerman finds a deck of Tarot cards on sale when her roommate Lauren and her visit their favorite book store. She thought it would be something to do on a Saturday night. But when they get them home and decide to try them out on a reading for Tasha, their normal, un-exciting lives change. Her cards reveal a death, a scandal and her own latent psychic abilities. An accidental death at work she “knows” is more than an accident. When the police say it’s just an accident Tasha decides she needs to investigate to prove it was a murder and her main suspect is the handsome new forklift driver, Knox. But even Lauren thinks she’s nuts, not psychic.

This was a short (about 99 pages), quick read. I got it free through Kindle. There were quite a few grammar errors and the story was very rushed, but overall it was actually enjoyable. I do think the author could have built up the mystery a little more and there were things that could have been omitted since they didn’t really add to the story much. I would never have guessed the killer because I don’t think he was even introduced until the reveal, but I could be wrong on that. There were quite a few characters whose names all started with the same letter so I could have missed it. If you can handle the bad grammar, it’s not a bad book if you are looking for a quick read.

Available on Amazon at the link below:

The Latent Psychic


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