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The Curse of the Bruel Coven by (The Bruel Witch Series Book 1) by Sabrina Ramoth


I rated this book 3 out of 5 stars.

I received this book free from NetGalley.

This was a very fast paced book. Almost a little too fast for my tastes. The main character, Vivienne, finds out she’s adopted, locates her birth mother, discovers she’s a witch, meets the rest of her family, learns to control her powers, and agrees to help fight against a curse that’s been put on them….all within about a 24 hour period. Because of the quickness of it all, there wasn’t much in the line of character development. You didn’t really get to know them very well. Also there was a serious lack of emotion throughout the story. Especially when it came to Vivienne finding out the woman who raised her wasn’t her biological mother. The person who she had always known as her mother passed away from cancer and never told her the truth. Most people would go through a series of emotions and struggle with this newfound knowledge, but she just went from discovering it to the next day going to locate her birth mom. You didn’t get any feelings from her and her character just seemed to go through the motions without any passion. The whole book was pretty much this way. Once she meets her family for the first time, she instantly becomes a part of them without question. She believes everything they tell her about witches, vampires, curses, all of it. That seemed a little weird to me. It’s almost as if the author came up with a really good story with lots of twists and turns, but didn’t know how to fit it all in so she just drew a timeline and put in all in order without much thought to how the characters should react.

Now, with that said, I’m not saying it’s a bad book. Quite the contrary. Oh, there were definitely parts that seemed silly because of how quickly it all came to be, but the story was actually pretty good. I liked to concept and once I got passed how rushed it was and starting looking at it more like a short story, which it kind of is considering the page length, I really enjoyed it. Vivienne was likable as was the rest of the characters and the backstory regarding the curse was interesting. Since the setting is New Orleans, it did add some spice to it and definitely made you want to hop on the next plane to visit. I always enjoy a good witchy story and although this one will have events speeding past you fast enough to make your head spin, it’s still one I would recommend. It’s fast, fun, and interesting. Hopefully, in future books, we will get a little more insight into all the characters so we can get to know them better. I look forward to it.

Available on Amazon at the link below:

The Curse of the Bruel Coven


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