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Founder’s Night: Supernatural Witch Cozy Mystery (Sabrina Donner Mystery Book 1) by Zoey Summers


I rated this book 3 out of 5 stars

Sabrina Donner owns the Badger House, a B&B named after her Labrador, located in the small town of Nescott Bay, Oregon. When a series of petty thefts rock the area, Sabrina doesn’t worry much. Figuring it’s just a bored teenager, she focuses on getting ready for her guests who will be arriving soon. Then she notices some things missing from the yard, a guest arrives and has jewelry taken from her room, and then Sabrina’s purse is stolen and she is attacked. Now, not only is she having to solve the robberies, but she’s also dealing with the discovery that she may be a witch!

I got this short story free from Kindle. I’ve had it on my tablet for quite a while and I decided to finally read it as I was looking for something that I could pore over quickly on my lunch hour. It was a cute, fun, and fast little read. I liked all the characters, especially Badger the dog, and the story was well written. My only complaint is that Sabrina could be a bit dense. When weird things start happening to her, like she could nod her head at her phone after talking to someone and it would hang up, or when she needed a pen and it wasn’t within reach so she just thought about it being in her hand and then it was, she would write these off as nothing. If it was just one or two odd occurrences I could understand, but there were several and they happened too frequently to just be nothing to be concerned about. It isn’t a big deal though. Just something that bothered me a little. Aside from that I enjoyed the story.

If you are looking for something to pass a little time without getting involved in a lengthy novel, I would recommend this Founder’s Night.

Total pages: 50 on Kindle app

No longer available on Amazon.

Is currently available as a Nook Book through Barnes and Noble at the link below:

Founder’s Night by Zoey Summers


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