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Haunted (Book 1) by Willow Cross


I rated this book 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

This short read is a collection of actual ghostly encounters as experienced by the author. She states that these are 100% true and have not been embellished for entertainment purposes.

I really enjoyed these tales. More written like a blog rather than a book, I got it free from Barnes and Noble not realizing how small it was. My only gripe is that I wish it had been longer! I personally am not sure how I feel about ghosts. I think I may have seen one when I was a kid, but looking back, I’m still not sure about that. Without any further sightings in my life to date, I really can’t decide if I think they are real or not. However I always enjoy hearing other peoples thoughts and experiences and these were great. You could tell the author was pretty straight forward in her accounts and didn’t embellish her stories. That’s what makes them that much more believable. Being a huge horror film fan and reading more than my fair share of horror novels, I can’t say that these are going to keep me up at night, but it was still a very entertaining book and I look forward to reading the other books she has written on this subject.

Total pages: 26, Kindle edition

Available for Kindle at Amazon:

Haunted by Willow Cross

Available for Nook at Barnes and Noble:

Haunted by Willow Cross


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