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Love, Reality Style by Judith Natelli McLaughlin


I rated this book 3 out of 5 stars

I received this book free from NetGalley.

Mary Grace Falcone, third grade teacher and cake lover, receives a proposal from her germ-phobic boyfriend, Ralph Ichy. Should she marry him? The man her friend Jayde has dubbed “the CEO of Antiseptic Hands?” Unsure of her true feelings, Mary Grace accepts anyway. Her decision gets her overbearing mother off her back but it also lands her on a reality wedding show where the host, the handsome Nick Charmin, unexpectedly falls for her. Will Mary Grace choose hot Nick for faithful Ralph?

This was a fun and light-hearted romance story. Not usually my typical genre. I enjoyed all the characters, but admittedly didn’t care for Mary Grace’s friend Jayde at first. She seemed bossy, rude and really cold. Eventually you learn more about her, which makes her personality a bit more understandable. I really ended up liking this trio of friends. If only everyone could be so lucky to have people to rely on in their lives like these ladies. Annie, the voice of reason and an “old soul,” Jayde the wild but insecure business woman, and Mary Grace, your sweet and innocent protagonist. These women together have a bond most people would envy. I know I did. As far as the males in the story, I liked Ralph, even with all his little idiosyncrasies. Yes, I could see them getting on some people’s nerves, but he was so endearing that I could overlook them. The other male character, Nick, was another story. He really wasn’t fully developed, but you could tell the guy was a sleaze from the beginning. Nothing about him was likable. Not sure why Mary Grace didn’t realize it right away. He obviously was considered physically attractive, but nothing else about him was. It was a little off if the author’s intention was to create a love triangle as there was never a time when I thought MG wouldn’t choose Ralph. He was perfect for her.

The story slowed down mid-point for me, but then picked back up and was kept me engaged. I’m not one for reality TV, but it did make a nice little spin on your typical contemporary romance novel. Luckily the main focus was on MG and her circle of friends, not the show itself. One thing to be aware of…they eat cake. A lot. I mean, a lot. To the point where I started getting a little nauseated but I managed to get through and still enjoy this cute and quick read.

Total pages: 231, ebook

Available on Amazon at the link below:

Love, Reality Style

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