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The Mysterious Abductions (The Nocturnals #1) by Tracey Hecht


I rated this book 4 out of 5 stars

I received this book as part of a Goodreads First Reads giveaway in exchange for an honest review.

A fox, a sugar glider, and a pangolin discover that animals are being taken and decide it’s up to them, the self dubbed Nocturnal Brigade, to find out what is happening. On their adventure, they meet a host of other creatures who are able to assist in uncovering the mystery of the animal kidnappings. With everyone’s help, they are able to find out who took them and why….but it’s not what they were expecting.

I loved this book. It’s an absolutely adorable tale about friendship and teamwork, not to mention a few of life’s lessons. Although it’s geared towards middle grade children, it can easily be read by anyone who enjoys stories involving animals as the main characters and a little mystery with some added humor. Since the animals in the book are native to Australia, I did have to look some up since I am not familiar with all of them. They were fairly well developed and each one had a distinct personality that made it easy to sort them out. Dawn; the serious and clever fox, Topin; the sweet but apprehensive pangolin, and Bismark; the highly boastful and thoroughly arrogant sugar glider. I enjoyed meeting all of them, but must admit that Bismark was my favorite. His over the top and silly personality was entertaining to say the least. The story itself was well written and engaging and I did find myself going onto the next chapter when I should have put it down because I really wanted to see what was going on with the animal disappearances. I will say the ending was unexpected and heartbreaking. It may go over the heads of some of the younger readers, but it is a sad reality within the animal kingdom. I wouldn’t let that deter anyone however. It is still a very child friendly book and one I would recommend. Since it’s first in the series, I expect young readers will immediately seek out the second book to see what type of adventure these three unlikely friends go on next.

Total pages: 232, hardback

Available on Amazon at the link below:

The Mysterious Abductions (The Nocturnals #1)


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