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Fatal Frost (A Dewberry Farm Mystery #2) by Karen MacInerney


I rated this book 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Lucy Resnick is still adapting to life on the farm after leaving her investigative reporting job in Houston. Problems begin to pile up as the holidays near. She’s dealing with a truck that is on its last leg, the appearance of her boyfriend’s gorgeous and successful ex-wife, and now someone is digging holes in her orchard apparently looking for lost treasure. None of those things compare to her friend being arrested for murder though. Lucy puts her own issues on the back burner and puts her investigative skills to the test to find the true killer. Hopefully she finds them though before they find her.

This is the second installment of the Dewberry Farm series. Not having read the first one, I admit being apprehensive since it wasn’t stated if you could read this one as a standalone. Luck was with me though and I was able to enjoy this story without feeling like I was missing a whole lot. If you want a full backstory, I would recommend the first in series to be read prior to this one, but I didn’t feel it was necessary.

Cozy mysteries can be a difficult genre. The problem is they tend to get predictable and stale after a while. Even though I can’t say this one is completely unique, it was still a fun, quick read that I was able to get drawn into. Lucy is a likeable character who has a background for investigating so you don’t get that feel of some amateur just sticking her nose in for no reason. Her curiosity is understandable even if it hadn’t been her friend who was arrested. Something a bit different from most of the women sleuth tales I’ve read in the past. The rest of the characters fit well with the small town theme even if they were a tad stereotypical and of course there are plenty of different animalsĀ in the story for those that enjoy some fur pets thrown into their novels.

As far as the mystery itself, it was pretty standard and I figured out who the killer was almost the minute they were introduced, but the story had a few twists that I didn’t expect which really held my interest. All in all I really liked this book and plan on going back and reading the first installment so I can get to know the characters and their story a little better. I would definitely recommend this book to any cozy mystery fan.

Total pages: 282, Kindle version

Available on Amazon at the link below:

Fatal Frost


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