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Can’t Fight Fate by Lisa N Edwards


I rated this book 3 out of 5 stars

I won this book as part of a Goodreads First Reads giveaway.

Nikki is a 38 year old entertainment lawyer who is looking for “The Guy.” Having visited a psychic 17 years prior, she was told about the man who could be her future husband. She’s been looking for him ever since and now she thinks she may have found him. But will things turn out the way the psychic said or will Nikki find that no one can predict the future?

Well. This was a tough one. I’m going to be honest. Initially I did not care for the story or any of the characters at all. I thought the writing was jumbled, disorganized, and choppy. The main character, Nikki, comes off as completely juvenile and far from professional considering she’s an attorney. Her best friend is annoying, selfish, and extremely unlikable. Neither of them seem capable of being a competent adult. Because of all that, I almost put the book down and marked it DNF. However, I convinced myself to read just one more chapter. Then suddenly I read another. Then another. I’m not sure what happened, but unexpectedly I found myself interested in the story. I became amused. Found myself laughing….and at times cringing. But no longer with annoyance. Even though I still found her to be a far cry mentally from an average 38 year old woman, I started to like Nikki. I do have to admit though that I continued to dislike her friend and consistently questioned their friendship as I just didn’t feel the relationship there. But Nikki…..poor love struck, starry-eyed, Nikki. She was suddenly likable! Sure she’s a bit dense, drinks too much, and falls in love way too easily. I mean she gets all upset over a guy who she doesn’t even know. But you start to feel for her. I honestly can’t say I relate to her in any way which might be why the book didn’t work for me at first. Having married my high school sweetheart 26 years ago, I was not one who was immersed in the dating scene. The more I read however, the more I could understand her desperation to find someone who loves her the way she wants to be loved. Don’t we all? In the end I ended up enjoying the book far more than I did at first and was able to get in sync with the writing style. It went from what was sure to be a one star rating to a three. The only thing I couldn’t really get a passed was the ending. As others have said, it was abrupt with nothing wrapped up. I’m assuming the story will continue and lingering questions will be answered as the author has written 2 other books in this series. I just wish this one would have given us a little something more.

Total pages: 256, paperback

Available on Amazon at the link below:

Can’t Fight Fate


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