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A Scone Killer (The Sweet Senses Cozy Mystery #1) by Josephine Wiggle


I rated this story 3 out of 5 stars

After being fired from her finance job in New York, Laura Benton moves back to her hometown of Harrodsburg, KY and meets up wit her childhood friends, Emma and Alex. After bonding over their failures in love and business, Alex has the idea of opening a tea shop like they talked about when they were kids. Unfortunately their grand opening is met with murder when Alex’s former business partner is found dead and he is the prime suspect. Laura vows to help find the real killer, but will she lead with her head or her heart?

An enjoyable and fast paced novella, this cozy is only 50 pages and perfect for a quick read when you’re not interested in getting too invested in a lengthy novel. The characters may not be as well developed as you’d like and the mystery isn’t terribly difficult to figure out, but it’s cute, has an adorable cover, and leaves you wanting to learn more about the people of this little town. It does lack some detail but I can’t imagine it’s easy packing a murder and solving it into such a small page count. It’s still a great book to read at lunch or pass the time while waiting for appointments.

Total pages: 50, Kindle edition

Available on Amazon at the link below:

A Scone Killer


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