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Creamed at the Coffee Cabana (Sweet Home #1) by Constance Barker


I rated this story 3 1/2 out of 5 stars

This was part of a 2 in 1 Nook freebie I snagged awhile ago. It included Creamed at the Coffee Cabana and A Frozen Scoop of Murder. I will be splitting this up into two separate reviews.

Lily and her two aunts own the Coffee Cabana. When they discover the body of the most hated woman in town inside their shop, everyone wants to know who the killer could be. With a list of suspects that includes virtually everyone in town, finding the person responsible won’t be easy.

This cute little short story was a fun read. Well written with charming characters, I wished it was much longer. Lily and her eccentric aunts, Hildie and Essie, are very likable characters with great chemistry. The mystery had enough twists to make you second guess yourself and the setting was adorable. I felt like I was a regular at the quaint little town coffee shop. A darling cozy to read when you’ve got some time to spare.

Total pages: 37, Nook edition

Oddly enough, this story is no longer available via Barnes and Noble. I was able to find it for purchase on Amazon at the link below:

Creamed at the Coffee Cabana



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