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Bewitched, Bedeviled and Bewildered (Sister Witchcraft #1) by J.D. Winters & Dakota Kahn


I rated this book 3 out of 5 stars

Mimi Auclair returns to her hometown to re-open their grandmothers tea shop after she passes away. Her sisters, Sybil and Lucy are there to help, albeit reluctantly,…..but there is something different about the Auclair sisters. They’re witches. With a black cat familiar that seems to appear out of nowhere and the local newsman, Max Ransom, who seems to do the same, Mimi and her sisters prepare to defend their shop against the rivals. Unfortunately they all get drawn into murder.

I got this little freebie for my Kindle app a while ago and had originally planned to read it around Halloween. Naturally I forgot I had it as I do with so many other books I have on my tablet, book shelves, phone, etc. I really like paranormal type cozies so when I realized I had this downloaded, I was excited. It’s definitely a cute read but nothing outstanding. The story was jumpy and it felt like there were things missing. There was no sleuthing or trying to find the killer and some of the characters (Sybil) were a bit annoying. I did like Mimi and of course her familiar. I also liked Max and a few of the background townspeople who I hope make bigger appearances in the series. It’s fun and fast paced, but I think it needed a bit more details to help the story flow a bit better. Hopefully the second book isn’t quite as choppy, but not bad for a first in series short story.

Total pages: 73, Kindle edition

Available on Amazon at the link below:

Bewitched, Bedeviled and Bewildered

Not listed on Barnes and Noble.

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