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Crafty Murder (A Sweet Cozy Mystery) by S.Y. Robins


I rated this book 2 out of 5 stars

This book was part of a 2-in1 freebie from Kindle. Included was Crafty Murder as well as Dog Dig Death. This review will focus on Crafty Murder. I will post a review for Dog Dig Death separately.

When you enter into a craft contest, you don’t expect to be awarded with murder.

This story was better than Dog Dig Death….but not by much. The writing showed definite improvement and the story seemed to flow much better, but I still can’t give it more than 2 stars. There was really no plot and the mystery was solved with very little action. I was also kind of taken aback that the main character, Emmeline, entered a craft contest by baking a cake. Not that I adjusted my rating for that. I just thought it was weird enough to mention. There is some romance for those that enjoy that in their mystery novels, but it doesn’t take place until the very end of the story….which I found odd. The characters were pretty standard and the town lacked description. It’s not bad as a draft but doesn’t hit the mark as a final story.

Total pages: 29, Kindle edition

Available on Amazon at the link below:

Crafty Murder

Not listed on Barnes and Noble


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