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Quitting Social Media: The Social Media Cleanse Guide by Lidiya K


I rated this book 4 out of 5 stars

I won this book as part of a Goodreads First Reads giveaway.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…OH MY! Social media has dominated our lives, some more than others, and we find ourselves reaching for our phones automatically. We check what’s going on with our friends, update our status to let people know we are having more fun than they are, like pages to get entered into contests….all until a new social media platform opens up and we sign up to do the same thing on there while stating we need to “move on” from the old platform because it “doesn’t serve our needs” anymore. I admit it. I’ve done it. Goodbye Myspace! Hello Facebook! It was a godsend for me. I am not much of a people person. A total introvert, these gave me the opportunity to be social without having to *be* social. Places like Facebook allowed me to converse with individuals without the awkwardness of trying to think of what to say during prolonged silences. It let me know that I am not alone and there are people just like me who also hate talking on the phone. I liked pages and accumulated friends and felt like I belonged. Although not nearly as addicted as some people I know, I started spending more time on there until I gradually became aware that it was becoming more of a distraction rather than a helpful communication tool. My notifications have always been turned off (my phone is eternally on silent) but I still found myself reaching for it 5 minutes after I had already checked it, as if anything had changed within that time frame. Yes, I tried spending less time scrolling through my feeds. I even took the apps off my phone. It helped a bit but I still found myself reaching. I don’t spend much time on Twitter, Instagram or any of those…but Facebook has been my downfall. I have legitimate reasons for using it. I have family overseas who I keep in contact this way. I also like uploading my pictures and using Facebook as a type of scrapbook…..but there are other reasons I’m on there. Reasons I didn’t even realize. And that’s why I need to spend less time on it. This book gives some good tips for people who want to leave social media completely but also offers up suggestions for those who just want to use it less. I fall into the latter category. Some of these tips I started implementing right away. I discovered I had liked pages because my friends asked me to even though I had no interest in what the page offered. I had accumulated “friends” that I didn’t really know. Not anymore anyway. I opened up a door for these individuals to be part of my life but yet I didn’t know why as we had virtually nothing in common. So I started de-cluttering. Wow! What a difference it’s started to make! I’ve still got more to do, but already I’m seeing pages I actually wanted to see that were getting buried before. I saw more of my friends posts that I wanted to see. And I’ve found that I don’t need to look as often because once the loads of stuff (and people) I didn’t need were gone, I realized I wasn’t missing anything. I could check 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour and so on and the feed didn’t change much. I know this all sounds really simple and you’re probably wondering why I needed a book to tell me something that’s just common sense, and you’re right, it is. I guess sometimes you just need someone else to point things out before you actually notice them. I figured I’d read this book and it would tell me to do things I already had done, and to a degree, it did….but it also pointed out a few other things that I didn’t realize. I still plan on using Facebook. I just plan on using it differently and less often. This book gave me a great starting point.

Total pages: 113, Kindle edition

Available on Amazon at the link below:

Quitting Social Media


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