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The Mad Hatter’s Son: An Annie Collins Mystery by Helen Starbuck


I rated this book 2 1/2 out of 5 stars

I won this book as part of a Goodreads First Reads giveaway.

Annie Collins, an OR nurse, hasn’t seen her best friend from college in years. Libby married a rich man and they slowly started drifting apart as their social circles changed. When Libby contacts her one day out of the blue asking to hire her as a private nurse, Annie’s first reaction is to say no. Something about seeing her friend looking the way she does compels her though and soon Annie finds herself in a web of lies, mystery and deceit.

I’m pretty torn about this book. On one hand, it held my interest and made me want to finish it even though it wasn’t overly complicated. On the other hand, I seriously disliked the protagonist and had to question whether I’ve ever read a book where anybody was that stupid. I can’t really say much without giving the entire story away, but she cannot read people. Like, at all. The whole thing was so glaringly obvious and she missed it completely. The other thing I had an issue with is her attraction to abusive men…or this man at least. There was nothing, and I do mean nothing, redeeming about her love interest, Ian. A total loser, she kept acting like he was the best guy to ever come along. I didn’t get it. I had this guys number from the moment he entered the story and would have told anyone to pound sand had they spoke to me like that. Her reaction to his outbursts made her look weak. That alone is usually enough for me to bail on a story….but oddly, I kept reading it and I’m not sure why. I already knew what the end result was going to be and I certainly didn’t care what happened to anyone, but I had to finish it. It was fairly well written yet a bit on the amateurish side but something about the story kept me invested. I guess that’s why my rating is 2 1/2 stars. The author actually managed to get me to finish a book even though I couldn’t stand any of the main players. I don’t plan on reading anything further in this series, but I am interested in anything else this author puts out. I’d like to see if it’s just a fluke.

Total pages: 296, Kindle edition

Available on Amazon at the link below:

The Mad Hatter’s Son

Available at Barnes and Noble at the link below:

The Mad Hatter’s Son


One comment on “The Mad Hatter’s Son: An Annie Collins Mystery by Helen Starbuck

  1. raynotbradbury
    March 8, 2018

    2 stars…gosh that’s fkn scary 😮😱


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