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The Lies We Told by Camilla Way


I rated this book 4 1/2 out of 5 stars

I won this book as part of a First Reads Goodreads giveaway.

At first, everyone seems to think that Clara’s boyfriend left her, but she knows something more sinister has happened. Luke wouldn’t just up and leave. Even when Clara uncovers some things about him she never knew, she still can’t believe he would have left without any explanation. Then Emma, Luke’s sister who vanished 20 years ago, suddenly contacts Clara and things get even more complicated. Is Emma and Luke’s disappearances connected? And if so, is Clara too late?

I’m rating this 4 1/2 stars because……wow! I fell into this book and couldn’t pull myself out. Full of suspense and twists I didn’t always see coming, it held my interest and kept me turning page after page…..even when I really needed to put it down and get some stuff done. It was well written with interesting, yet deeply flawed, characters. Shared secrets, scandals, murder…this story pretty much had it all and no one came away unscathed. Just when you started to really like a person, you found out something about them that made you think differently. Even Clara, our main protagonist, wasn’t perfect. There were a few things I was able to figure out beforehand. I won’t give away what. Let’s just say that I saw through one individual very quickly but was still surprised to the level of involvement they had. It’s definitely a book I would recommend to anyone who loves a good psychological thriller.

Total pages: 336, Paperback

Available on Amazon at the link below:

The Lies We Told

Available at Barnes and Noble at the link below:

The Lies We Told



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